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Courses and Resources

My guiding philosophy in life and work is to keep things simple. The courses we’re developing are 25 minutes in length, teach a component of a larger topic, provide meaningful resources to help you, and are designed to be consumed during a lunch-and-learn or over your lunch hour. All are a reasonable price.

Make Marketing Easy Podcast

Doing this podcast is fun. What we try to do is keep it light, in alignment with what is happening on the blog and courses, and is meant to be consumed on-the-run while exercising, over lunch while you’re eating, or at night instead of watching Netflix. Although, who doesn’t love Netflix?

Here’s what’s happening on the Make Marketing Easy Blog by Joel Gaslin

What’s Wrong With the LASIK Market?

What’s wrong with the LASIK Market? In a word, nothing. In fact, according to MarketScope, the LASIK market grew 7.2% in 2018. Perhaps a better question is, “Why doesn’t the LASIK Market grow faster?” Or, why doesn't every cataract surgeon do LASIK? Follow that with,...

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This exciting episode will be up shortly. When you listen, you will hear Dr. Aronsky talk about his history as a partner with Refractive Surgery pioneer Fred Kremer, why he became a Physician CEO, and lots more!

Michael Aronsky, MD

LASIK and Cataract Surgeon, Kremer Eye, King of Prussia, PA

This exciting episode is up! Listen to the podcast and hear Amnon Keynan and Bill Wiley, MD talk about one of the most exciting software platforms on the market to help ophthalmologists increase upgraded procedures and clinic efficiency.

Amnon Keynan

Co-Founder and CEO, Surgiorithm